• Developing a Purchasing Plan Linked to the Company’s Strategy
  • Anticipating Needs Arising from New Business Models
  • Leveraging Supplier Innovation to Create Differentiation
  • Supporting International Growth with the Suitable Sourcing Model
  • Anticipating and Maximize the Value of Purchases Resulting from M&As
  • Supporting the Company’s CSR Strategy Through an Adequate CSR Procurement Policy
  • Procurement Strategic Plan & Benchmarks
  • Pre & Post-Merger Procurement Synergies Plans
  • Market screening & global footprint sourcing
  • Category Management Framework
  • Supplier Innovation

Co-Operating the Company's Strategy

  • Delivering Savings and Cash Flow
  • Planing to Impact P&L and Free Cash Flow
  • Developing and executing Cross-Functional Category Strategies to Optimize TCO and Mitigate Risk Continuously
  • Selecting and Leading Rights Providers to Achieve QCDI Objectives on New Projects
  • Improving Continuously the Suppliers Quality of Service
  • Cost Savings: Direct & Indirect Spend Optimization
  • Cash Optimization Plan
  • Cost Optimization in NPD process
  • Redesign-To-Cost
  • Rapid Repricing / Negotiation Task Force
  • easyKost Booster
  • Should Costing

Delivering Total Performance

  • Positioning the Purchasing Organization as a Commercial Partner (Front Office)
  • Refocusing the Organization of Purchasing on High Added Value Tasks (Middle Office)
  • Developing a Digital and Low-Cost Back-Office for Transactional Processes (“End to End”) and Data Analysis
  • Synchronizing Activities with Other Functions and Strengthen Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • Leveraging AI and Data for Increased Efficiency and Performance
  • Developing Human Skills and Attractive Career Path for Procurement Associates
  • Redesign and Implementation of the Procurement Operational Model (Organization, Process, Digital Analysis, and AI)
  • Digital Procurement Roadmap
  • Assessment of Skills and Plan to Improve the Framework and Maturity
  • Purchasing Academy Setup

Building an Efficient and Flexible Operating Model

  • Monitoring Supplier Performance to Meet Quality and Service Level Goals
  • Developing and Implementing  Relations Management with Suppliers
  • Mapping and Monitoring Suppliers Risks and Developing Adequate Mitigation Plan to Ensure Business Continuity
  • Making CSR Purchases a Source of Value
  • Supplier Performance Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Supplier Risks and CSR management
  • Construction and Deployment of Supplier Development Programs
  • Implementation of Monozukuri Approaches with Suppliers

Mobilizing and Monitoring the Extended Enterprise

Consulting Approach

Procurement actively contributes to the development of the company. It is necessary to implement purchasing strategies that align with the very SOUL of the organization to create a competitive, sustainable and unique advantage. KEPLER's approach to procurement consulting addresses these three challenges.

  • Exclusive focus on high impact challenges related to purchasing strategy, operations and organization
  • Added value reinforced by best practices of cross-fertilization of multiple sectors and regular benchmarks
  • Category expertise in direct and indirect expenses
  • Strategic analysis with decision-makers to define their priorities and objectives
  • Operational and collaborative approach with client teams: co-design of solutions for faster implementation
  • Reinforced vision thanks to Kepler’s transversal skills in Innovation, Operations, Supply Chain
  • Skills, tools and digital partners to accelerate the transformation of the organization and procurement processes
  • Senior advisors, former CPOs, representing different industrial sectors and directly involved in our projects for their functional / sector expertise
  • Long-term and “tailor-made” approach to customer methodologies
  • Great flexibility in project management and working methods to adapt to client / team constraints
  • No costly over-engineering in the way we deliver our projects

Kepler Procurement Consulting Fundamentals

Category Management and Sourcing Strategies

Alignment with the company’s strategic goals and with the various operational roadmaps (engineering, finance, sales, marketing, etc.) can bring new and greater efficiency to Procurement. Kepler has a unique model geared towards building sourcing strategies that incorporates the need for agility as well as long-term goals.

International Sourcing & Market Studies

The strategic understanding of a particular region and the operational flexibility that comes with international development requires that Procurement develop a deep knowledge of its supply base and the local procurement practices. Relying on its network of worldwide offices, Kepler supports Procurement in its international planning / development goals.

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Among the most underused levers in Procurement, SRM and its corollary – supplier development. This lever is crucial component necessary to drive improved supplier performance and to strengthening strategic axes such as innovation and international development. Kepler specializes in deploying programs across both areas, from strategic assessments to localized implementation. Deployment is supported by targeted training/coaching programs for relevant functions.

Digital & Data-Driven Negotiation Task force

Negotiations with suppliers too often fail because of the following; weak arguments, unreliable or unavailable data, improper financial modeling and poor savings estimates, etc. As a result, Kepler has developed customized procurement consulting negotiation toolkits across multiple industry sectors. These toolkits are used as a learning mechanism that enhances the skills of procurement teams that can be reused during future negotiations.

Costing & Redesign-to-Cost

Modeling procurement costs is more crucial than ever, not only in relation to suppliers but also internally as a means of making more sound / sustainable technical choices (e.g. Costed BOM’s). Kepler procurement consulting relies on its own should cost methodology and the software ‘EasyKost’ to solve these challenges.

Procurement Operating Models Design

Kepler Procurement Consulting Firm supports the construction and implementation of new Purchasing Operating Models by working on all dimensions: strategic vision, organizational structure (Front / Middle & Back), synchronization with other businesses, redesign of processes and systems management, digital roadmap, and skills development plan.


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Procurement Consulting Services by Kepler

Kepler is a consulting firm with a focus on Purchasing functions. A benchmark player in the purchasing world, Kepler supports organizations in Category Management, purchasing strategies, international sourcing, SRM / SRRM, the creation of digital & data-driven negotiation task forces, Costing, and the redesign of models operational Purchasing.  Kepler Procurement Consulting Firm has its offices in United States(U.S), France, China, and India.