Our client, electrical equipment distributor, wants to increase and secure gains on supplies. Following a diagnosis, KEPLER offers an accompanying measures program for purchasers, in order to prepare negotiations, carry out coordinated actions on identified suppliers and sustainably strengthen internal collaboration


  • Our client, electrical equipment distributor, wants to benefit from its new logistics model – multiple national platforms – to generate savings.


Category: Delivering Total Performance

Increasing and securing gains – basis and rate – obtained on supplies through the following levers:

  • Daily team guidance and weekly performance measurement
  • Increased coordination : purchases massification, order frequency optimization, bulk orders and pulse-synchronized deliveries, alignment of orders creation with the best negotiated logistical conditions
  • Construction of cross-platform national orders with centralized negotiation by procurement teams
  • Key events targeting: pre-season, annual and quarterly closings
Our recent call-outs in logistics platforms show that procurement teams can generate an additional 1% recurring savings over total purchases. However, this performance requires a strong deployment plan to upgrade teams skills rapidly and have a lasting impact on results. Animating such a project requires technical skills and agility in activating varied levers and rapid actions to seize opportunities.
Mathieu Louis-Sylvestre, Associate Director, Procurement Practice Leader
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