The Automotive Industry is Engaged in Profound Changes that the COVID-19 Crisis is Accelerating.

Among those :

  • Electrification,
  • Pressure to reduce CO2 emissions,
  • The development of the autonomous vehicle,
  • New modes of mobility,
  • Connectivity,
  • “Well-being” on board.

In constant search for new technologies and a faster development of innovation, the automotive eco-system adopts an increasingly open and collaborative environment with the different ecosystems.


Considerable Investments in Manufacturers and Equipment Suppliers are Committed:

  • With a significant impact on their cash flow and margin.

An Increasingly Global Market Which is Restructuring:

  • Consolidation and quest for volumes & mass effects,
  • Emergence of new pure-electric players who disrupt the way things are done,
  • Diversification of traditional players to integrate these new models.

Sector Challenges

The Actors (in Particular Those Called “Traditional”) Must More Than Ever Transform Their Organizations and Processes by Delivering the Expected QCDP Report:

  • Be ever more efficient and agile and maximize the profitability of their investments,
  • Push to the maximum the logics of platform, just necessary and “right first time”,
  • Develop new forms of cooperation that are essential for the rapid marketing of relevant innovations.

Our Value Proposition

Improve the Performance of Research, Innovation and Development Organizations,

  • Flexibility and optimization of development processes,
  • Support ambitious (Re) Design to Cost projects using functional and value analysis techniques,
  • Improve the efficiency and performance of structures & engineering professions,
  • Capture the innovation potential of ecosystems: open innovation, venturing, internal connection …,
  • Reduce the TTM of innovations.

Increase Purchasing Performance

  • Review purchasing organizations for greater flexibility, efficiency and value creation,
  • Develop competitiveness programs based on the most advanced techniques (Monozukuri, Should Cost, Commodity Strategies),
  • Exploit the use of AI, including easyKost, to strengthen negotiation levers and the relevance of your purchasing strategies.

Increase the Performance of Operations and Supply Chain

  • Deploy holistic continuous improvement systems beyond factories,
  • Structure the “Total Customer satisfaction” approaches in connection with the Quality and Sales organizations.

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