The Distribution and Retail Sector, Whose COVID 19 Crisis Has Amplified the Balance of Power Between Physical Stores and E-Commerce, is Facing Profound Changes:

  • Increased competition between traditional brands, developing their multi-channel offer, manufacturers directly with e-commerce and Direct Selling, and pure internet players who are intensifying the price war and reinventing the service offering to customers,
  • A customer experience at the heart of the challenges, built and animated in an omnichannel dimension,
  • New consumer requirements: price, availability, customer service and environmental footprint,
  • Cash constraints necessitating maximizing the profitability of invested capital and immobilized stocks,
  • A change in the transport offer with new regulatory constraints and a rapidly changing competitive landscape,


Changing expectations and the competitive environment require constant adaptation of business strategies and more agile operational management.

  • Rethink business strategies,
  • Revisit their assortments,
  • Adapt supply chains and their operating model


Strategic adaptation through external growth operations in order to guarantee competitiveness, critical size and scope of offers and services is on the agenda.

Value proposition

Equip Negotiation Campaigns With Analytics (GMROI, Financial models, IA, etc.)

  • Build synergy plans within the framework of Build-Up operations.

Professionalize Category Management

  • Set up multi-business management by category through our 6 levers: strategy, category knowledge, construction / animation of the offer, supplier contribution, merchandise management, performance management, governance,
  • Provide tools and increase purchasing performance,
  • Develop industrial purchasing approaches (costing, value analysis, sourcing, supplier development, etc.).

Improve the Performance of the Supply Chain and Operations

  • Deploy Lean in your logistics operations to adapt your Supply Chain to the specific challenges of E-commerce and choose the right logistics partners,
  • Rethink logistics networks to optimize costs, improve product availability and the environmental footprint,
  • Deploy digital solutions (planning, inventory monitoring, traceability, etc.) and to increase the efficiency of the Supply Chain and collaboration with suppliers,
  • Support warehouse automation and the use of AI,
  • Set up dynamic management with a cockpit allowing optimized management of stocks and transport,
  • Support real estate departments in optimizing the CAPEX and OPEX of the network and logistics centers.

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Our Practices in Connection With the Distribution, Retail and E-Commerce Sector