Among the most constrained in terms of safety and regulations, the Health sector is marked by an unprecedented health crisis which has further increased the pressure.

Actors Impacted By:

  • Changes in health policy: gradual reduction in reimbursement rates, additional stocks,
  • The emergence of new, more agile and digital players (Start up – biotechnology, etc.),
  • Increasingly strong regulations with specificities per country and the need to invest heavily to comply,
  • A transformation of professions with the arrival of digital and AI / Machine learning which are transforming the daily lives of teams (operations, Supply Chain, AI, clinical trials, traceability, etc.),
  • Strong organizational and performance issues related to a very active sector: change of strategy, build up, carve out, business combination, active investment fund, etc.


A Sector Where Each Player Has Their Own Constraints:

  • Medical devices: a constant search for technological leaps and innovation,
  • Pharmaceutical industry: strong pressure linked to generics, an explosion in costs, particularly in R&D, control of CDMOs in terms of sometimes complicated QCD, political pressure on the subject of strategic reindustrialisation,
  • Hospitals / clinics: a sector heavily used by economic pressure but also the demands of the patient,
  • Home care: strong development, particularly due to the obligation to go on an outpatient basis for a large number of treatments, requiring an increase in home care.

Agility is at the heart of the challenges for the entire healthcare industry.

Value Proposition

The Expertise of Our Four Areas of Excellence is Put to Use:

  • Intervene very early in the process, in the due diligence phase to assess targets,
  • Deploy ambitious savings plans,
  • Optimize CAPEX,
  • Work on optimizing patient flows for hospitals and clinics.

Medical Devices

  • Optimize the process of innovation and redesing to cost
  • Launch purchasing optimization programs (Direct and indirect) and rework supplier quality
  • Optimizing industrial sites through continuous improvement initiatives.

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Control & optimize Packaging, API, Alcohol purchases, etc.
  • Optimize maintenance, Plant Cycle time (PCT) & release processes (including QA / QC),
  • Use AI / machine learning and Easykost, particularly on packaging

Hospitals / Clinic

  • Deploy Lean approaches on clinic operations (blocks, customer reception, patient journey, billing management, sterilization, arsenal)
  • Achieve additional income related to the hotel industry

Home Care

  • Optimizing agency management, pooling administrative tasks, reducing stocks, redefining network design.

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