The Chemicals Industry Continues its Transformation Towards a More Sustainable Model

  • Concentration of the sector with a focus on the leaders of specialty products, the proposal of associated services and a good robust of industries and customer applications,
  • Increased pressure from regulations and civil society which encourages stakeholders to develop green chemistry and the circular economy in a logic of sustainable development and preservation of fossil resources,
  • Systematic valuation of co-products from production chains in different markets to improve profitability and mitigate the risk of exposure to a limited number of customer sectors,
  • Instability and increasingly unpredictable market trends that favor small and agile installations to the detriment of large ones.

​With years of deep industry experience across multiple segments, Kepler Chemical Industry Consulting firm brings innovation, digital transformation for growth, and resilient operations to our clients by combining chemical consulting and technology mastery with the newest chemical industry trends.

The Energy and Utilities Sector is Marked by Deregulation and New Technologies will Encourage the Entry of New Players and Intensify Competition:

  • Energy transition that pushes historical players to rethink their operations and infrastructure
  • Deregulation of the sector which reshapes the market between production, network and distribution and promotes the arrival of new players who use new technologies to increase the value proposition for customers
  • Appearance of new technologies that will change the paradigm of the sector with the possibility for end customers to be both producers and consumers of energy
  • Network management.




  • In this context, the players in the Chemicals industry must develop their offers and increase their value proposition for their customers while developing their organizations and their operations in a more agile logic where digital and AI will be predominant.
  • Those in energy and utilities industry must rethink their model and set up relevant partnerships to cope with the arrival of new entrants who may “disrupt” their offer.​

Our Value Proposition

Strengthen and Accelerate Innovation:

  • Improve existing offers and develop new disruptive offers through ‘Voice of the Customer’ approaches and through precise analysis of the value chain, markets and megatrends.
  • Develop disruptive innovation through specific processes and governance
  • Strengthen partnerships through a specific organization and processes
  • Optimize innovation and development processes through AI and Digitization.

Rethink Organizations to Increase the Efficiency of Operations

  • Conduct purchasing performance plans and optimize the footprint and industrial and logistics schemes to strengthen the resilience of operations
  • Redefine current practices and processes in the light of AI and digital technology to significantly improve the performance of operations and optimize major shutdowns.
  • Rethink the functional parameters and current roles and responsibilities (Purchasing, Supply-Chain, Operations, …) for existing units and new units in order to operate in a more integrated manner and respond quickly to the new challenges of the circular economy. (Monozukuri …)

Chemical Consulting, Energy & Utilities Consulting Client References

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Energy and Chemical Consulting Services By Kepler

Kepler is a consulting firm with a focus on Innovation, Procurement, Supply Chain and Operations functions. Kepler’s chemical industry consulting mission includes experiences with petrochemicals, organic chemicals, polymers and plastics, high-performance chemicals, agrochemistry, biochemistry and industrial biomaterials. Kepler energy industry consulting expertise is expressed with players in fossil fuels, electricity and renewable energies.

Kepler consulting teams support organizations by strengthening and accelerating their innovation: breakthrough innovation, specific governance and rethinking the efficiency of their operations: via purchasing performance plans, footprint optimization and industrial plans and logistics that improve resilience.

Kepler Chemical Consulting and Energy Industry Consulting has its offices in the United States, France(H.Q), China and India.