Our client, a manufacturer of modular cranes, wants to reduce the acquisition and manufacturing costs of the trolleys while maximizing its performance. KEPLER supports project managers in facilitating value analysis projects and business lines junctions in order to take the maximum benefit of individual expertise and allow the exploration of new sources of value.


  • Target: reducing the cost of crane trolleys by 30% and improving their performance (load/lifting height)

  • 2 industrial sites across Europe, several product ranges and 3 types of trolleys

  • For the same trolley: several possible uses and mounting combinations


Category: Delivering Total Performance 

  • Introducing new ways of designing and working, allowing to challenge designs, technical and functional choices and identification of new sources of value

  • Making the business lines (DO, Procurement, Offers, Marketing) to work together within a framework of established responsibilities where everyone must contribute to the common objective by activating their own levers

This is a first for this manufacturer, made possible by the combination of drivers. The facilitation of the Design Offices, Procurement and Products articulations released all its power. All the contributors felt entrusted with a mission, and everyone’s contribution was significant!
Mathieu Louis-Sylvestre, Partner - Procurement Practice Leader
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