The Viability of Strategies and Organizations

In a world that has become more competitive and uncertain, operating margin and working capital are two pillars of the company’s viability. Optimizing the operating margin means enabling a company to make short- and medium-term gains and implement organizational models ensuring competitiveness and long-term growth.

Harnessing the power of decades of functional experience and a global workforce, KEPLER strives to help the clients unlock the vast potential of their teams and accelerate the business transformation to navigate an ever-evolving world better.
Peter Negohosian, Managing Director at KEPLER North America

Our Areas of Differentiation

Strategic Vision & “Field” Culture

KEPLER: an experienced operational staff that provides advice. KEPLER employees have significant experience in operational functions within companies comparable to those they support in their daily missions. Because fundamental transformations require more than a simple stroke of the pencil, the experience of our employees is an essential ingredient in Change Management for successful support.

Functional Expertise

KEPLER’s four practices offer solutions across the entire value chain of our customers, from the emergence of an idea to its marketing :

A Mastery of “Complex Environments”

The ability to fit into complex environments is at the heart of KEPLER’s DNA. Whether in Europe, the USA, India, or China, we work with organizations of all sizes: global groups, mid-size companies, SMEs, or financial institutions wishing to accelerate their development. Our consultants are recognized for their ability to support the various businesses of the company and their employees: from operational teams to management committees.

Expanded Vision

Nourished by benchmarks, our consulting activity offers a heightened perspective to meet your challenges. Our role as KEPLER consultants:

  • Offer you the best practices and the most advanced methodologies on the market,
  • Targeting the right level of our added value to optimize the effectiveness of our collaboration,
  • Sustain performance by ensuring a transfer of skills and methodologies,
  • Achieve ambitious and lasting results for your organization.

Tailor-Made Approach

Each mission is unique and tailor-made. The experience acquired within the firm allows us to adapt our interventions with flexibility and agility according to your context and your specific challenges.

  • Diagnosis: Analyze and Structure
    Carry out an inventory and assess the issues, the critical success factors, and the target to build a performance plan that mobilizes the company. Our diagnostics are personalized and are based on business and sector benchmarks to guarantee their implementation.
  • Transformation: Initiate and Achieve Goals
    We support the various initiatives operationally while setting up associated management systems. We ensure the overall management of the program by coordinating the PMO and the change management plan.
  • Commando: Act and Fix
    We set up expert teams to respond with agility to identified issues. The KEPLER Smart Value Initiatives can supplement this system based on our best practices.
  • Training: Raise Awareness and Improve
    Transferring knowledge is a constant concern of our teams. We design and deploy specific training programs in our different areas of expertise. Our training/action approach guarantees perfect appropriation of the methods by the groups.

Full Exploitation of Data

Exploiting the wealth of your data with algorithms and software solutions can increase your performance. Digital is a pillar of KEPLER, a transversal competence to all our practices.

KEPLER's Cross Skills