Our client, a leading retail cosmetics company, wants to assess cost optimization opportunities linked to global synergies within their indirect procurement portfolio. KEPLER provided a comprehensive assessment and analysis of their indirect procurement organization to identify international synergies.


  • Procurement divided between 3 regions (Europe, North America, Asia)

  • Total expenditure of $1.3 billion

  • 2500+ stores worldwide

  • Indirect procurement managed at the national/regional levels, often directly by the various departments of the company (Marketing, IT, Supply Chain, etc.)

  • Poor or lack of coordination and communication between regions


Category: Co-operating the Company’s Strategy 

  • Assessed indirect procurement opportunities and organizational structure to activate global synergies

  • Maximizing and expanding sourcing capabilities and activities

The success of a procurement diagnosis is mainly based on a detailed and pragmatic mapping of expenditures and the involvement of internal stakeholders from the start of this diagnosis. This is all the more true in the case of indirect expenditure (IT, Transport, Marketing, Overheads, etc.) which are by nature linked to different Services of the Company.
Joe Awad, Director

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