Our client, a distressed automotive supplier, requires an in-depth procurement optimization program.

KEPLER offers to carry out a complete diagnosis aimed at evaluating the opportunities for short and medium-term gains.


  • A contract counting for 50% of the company’s turnover recently lost
  • An ambitious savings target launched 5% saved on three main categories
  • 6M € on global procurement
  • A procurement organization globally under-staffed and teams showing a low level of maturity
  • Collaboration between the Design Office, Production and Procurement staff virtually non existent


Category: Deliver Total Performance 

  • Carrying out a diagnosis to build a detailed action plan that will sustain performance

In this kind of crisis context (loss of market share, talent drain, low overall procurement maturity), innovating to adapt and regain momentum is essential. After verifying the potential, we pushed our client to transform its operating methods and be able to activate and combine, thanks to multidisciplinary project teams, powerful levers: adaptation of technical products specifications, research and qualification of new supply sources, redistribution of its market share, and make or buy on certain links in the product value chain.
Mathieu Louis-Sylvestre, Director - Procurement Practice Leader
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