Our client, a tier 1 automotive supplier, would like to assess the purchasing Digital maturity and define its roadmap.

The assessment approach used by KEPLER allows clients to clearly define the priorities; digitalizing the supplier relationship was the top priority with a dedicated Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) tool.


  • Data accessibility tends to be painful and time-consuming
  • Low level of sharing between countries
  • Highly diverse solutions and tools throughout the countries/subsidiaries
  • No global coordination to be more systematic on improvement to be done
  • Limited functional analysis to be able to focus on the most relevant solutions/tools (must have vs. good to have)


Category: Mobilizing and Monitoring the Extended Enterprise

  • Building a detailed mapping of existing practices and digital tools among the various purchasing organizations and their functional coverage
  • Assessing and qualifying maturity gaps in maturity between entities and the state of the art in similar organizations
  • Defining top priority, selecting the solution and implementing it
Navigating the Source-to-Pay (S2P) suites market can feel like traversing a dense «jungle», were it’s easy to lose one’s way despite the numerous reviews and ratings provided by research service providers. We assist our clients in cutting through this complexity to identify the tool that best aligns with their business needs.
Nacer Madi, Director

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