A paradoxical impact of the health crisis

  • Growth in consumption via mass distribution and supermarket networks
  • The Out-of-Home Catering business model in crisis
  • A price pressure on the commodity market

A sharp change in consumer expectations

  • Concerns about food impact on health
  • A desire to reduce the environmental and social impact, expressed by committed brands
    • Without real compromise on products quality and taste

An evolving regulatory environment, driven by opinion leaders

  • e-labeling and digital apps “identifying” recipes
  • European regulations pushing in favor of further harmonization of stakeholders’ transparency commitments
  • New certifications

Sector Challenges

Visibility on products origin and quality:

  • Sourcing, traceability, and higher ingredients quality

More digitalized processes:

  • Traceability: knowledge and transparency of sourcing and food safety (e.g. blockchain)
  • Eco-design: integration from the design stage of environmental and social impact formulas via digital eco-design tools (LCA, etc.)
  • Direct link to consumers (apps, personalization, etc.) and omnichannel

Optimizing Packaging and its circuit:

  • Integrating purchasing and sourcing issues (economic efficiency, sustainability, etc.) and the supply chain optimization and related industrial operations

Our Value Proposition

Reviewing the innovation model and product design methods

… integrating health / environmental / social performance right from the start :

  • Diagnosis of the innovation process and cross-fertilization of best practices with related sectors (eg cosmetics)
  • Establishment of Innovation studio, an agile incubation cell for a breakthrough concept, to challenge business models, with the consumer at the center of innovation
  • Transformation of development processes with digital tools for ecodesign and product portfolio assessment
  • Open Innovation

Securing sustainable procurement channels

  • Detailed identification of risk criteria for each sector
  • Sustainable sourcing of ingredients
  • Definition of a roadmap capable of meeting a 100% sustainable goal

Stabilizing the Supply Chain for more sustainability and resilience

  • Design and deployment of end-to-end traceability, secured by the block chain
  • Revision of logistics plans by integrating the challenges of a circular supply chain
  • Review of the supply chain value proposition in an omnichannel context

Strengthening transparency within operations for better food security

  • Lean approach guaranteeing product quality
  • Industrial digitization processes to gain flexibility and operational traceability
  • CSR principles integration within the industrial processes
  • A supply chain offer that minimizes the environmental impact and promotes alternative circuits such as slow logistics or promotes the circular supply chain

Agrifood Consulting Client References

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Agrifood Consulting Services by KEPLER

Kepler is a consulting firm for the food industry, focusing on Innovation, Procurement, Supply Chain, Operations ans Sales & Marketing functions.

It works with stakeholders in the agricultural world and the food industry with the ability to cover the needs of the entire value chain: producers of chemicals and agricultural fertilizers, biofuels, animal feed (pet food), products. processed foods, ready meals, protein (beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish), dairy products, crops (corn, oilseeds, wheat, rice, sugarcane), agricultural equipment (tractors, grain/protein processing equipment).

Kepler Agrifood consulting teams support agribusiness companies in reviewing their innovation and product design model, taking better account of CSR approaches in their operations, securing their sectors through a sustainable purchasing approach, or even greater stability of their Supply Chain. Kepler Agrifood Consulting Firm has its offices in United States(U.S), France(HQ), China and India.

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