Particularly Complex Today, the Situation Requires in the Due Diligence Phase:

  • Strong competition on targets with many private equity players as well as “corporate” players.
  • High multiples, often uncorrelated to the real value of companies.


We Observe Participations in Difficulty:

  • Business models strongly shaken by more agile, more digital players,
  • Resilience undermined by the economic and health crisis,
  • Deterioration of margins.


Investment Funds: Key Players in Economic Development.

  • They support companies and their management in a dynamic of organic or external growth,
  • Their interventions may vary in particular according to their majority or minority shareholdings.

The Due Diligence Phase is Crucial for Investment Funds

  • It relies on numerous internal or external expertise to challenge the strategy and the Business Plan, measure the risks and identify all possible upside avenues: product / service plan, build up, operational transformation plan, development at the international. The short deadline presupposes a very good knowledge of the sector and a strong expertise in the operational professions of the target.


From the Closing, it is a Question of Supporting the Company and the Management in an Ambitious Objective Plan

  • From the first months, a structured transformation plan accelerates the skills development of the teams.


Build-Up Operations are Also Strong Areas of Development

  • It is necessary to identify all the opportunities for synergies, to build a robust and effective integration plan with the establishment of the right target organization.

Value Proposition

In Due Diligence Phase:

For Industrial Sectors: Flash Industrial Diagnostics,

  • Evaluate the operational performance in our 4 areas of excellence (Innovation, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Operation) of the target and management teams
  • Evaluate the potential for improvement in Ebitda and Cash
  • Challenge the Business Plan and the investment (CAPEX) and maintenance plan
  • Propose a risk management plan and an ambitious action plan aimed at very quickly generating savings and performance leaps

For the Distribution Sector: Synergie Build-Up

  • Evaluate the purchasing and supply chain synergies by setting up a black box which guarantees the confidentiality of data for each of the parties

In Post Acquisition Phase

Deploy Initiatives Aimed at Improving Business Performance:

  • For industry or service, a few examples: management support in the face of the crisis, Ebitda and Cash optimization plan, industrial and supply chain master plan, change management, build-up integration, IA & Machine Learning
  • For distribution, a few examples: synergy plan support, preparation of supplier negotiations, implementation of GMROI, steering of Category Management, etc.

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KEPLER is a consulting firm with a focus on InnovationProcurementSupply Chain, Operations and Sales & Marketing functions, a specialist in the Private Equity sector. KEPLER Private Equity Consultant teams support investment funds in industrial diagnosis, Build-Up synergy, and the deployment of initiatives aimed at improving the performance of organizations. The KEPLER Private Equity & Due Diligence Consulting Firm has four offices located in the United States (USA), Europe (France), China and India.

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