Our client, a leading family-owned company in the highly technical construction industry, wants to carry out a diagnosis of its organization and its procurement practices in order to increase the profitability of its sites. KEPLER will assess the performance of the organization and the Procurement practices to build a transformation program.


  • Leading company in technical trades, building envelopes and renovation of historic monuments
  • A Procurement function that is not very structured and underrepresented within the organization chart
  • Dis-harmonized Procurement management among projects and spread over three areas: a procurement group covering regular supplies, two internal buyers to support some important projects on subcontracting issues and project managers involved in the act of procurement according to their sensitivity and their appetite for this activity
  • Strong growth expected over the coming years


Category: Full Performance Delivery

  • Building a short and medium terms savings plan

  • Building a transformation program for the Procurement Organization (structuring, review and harmonization of the distribution of roles and responsibilities) to increase savings and sustainable impacts

  • Simultaneously, driving a quick win on temporary expenses to prove the effectiveness of our approach, onboarding the teams and contributing to the funding of the mission entrusted to us

A very exciting project requiring the confidence of the Management Committee and the strong involvement of people in the field to ensure the relevance of recommendations and actions. Account managers must be involved in the reflection and in the implementation as they remain responsible for the smooth running of their sites, the quality of their service and the final profitability of the operation.
Mathieu Louis-Sylvestre, Partner, Procurement Practice Leader
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