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4 pillars to support and accelerate your business ambitions

  • Maximizing data use while ensuring data quality, accessibility and governance
  • Business digitization: employee/customer/supplier processes and paths
  • Creation of new businesses and adaptation of the operating model, based on emerging technologies (AI, IoT, Data, etc.)
  • Boosting and securing your IS and digital transformation projects

Corporate performance remains at risk in a context of accumulation and acceleration of major transformations

IS, Digital & Data: boosting performance and solving business challenges


Digital technology for enhanced user experience and reinvented pathways

  • Improving the internal (employees) and external (customers, suppliers, partners) user experience and simplifying interactions
  • Digitizing business processes, optimizing workflows and modernizing experiences/interfaces
  • Adopting new practices

Data as a strategic asset

  • Data quality and accessibility
  • Data governance (including the strengthening of processes, roles and responsibilities)
  • Operational choices for efficiency and business development

Information Systems performance

  • Excellence in the management and execution of IS transformation projects
  • Operational security and management of cyber security and compliance
  • IS urbanization: coexistence of layers (IS, Digital & Data and modular approach)

... with new paradigms

  • The “IS, Digital & Data functions” must be operated as a real “Business Partner”, beyond being a cost center
  • … and integrated into a new “business-IT” co-action mode, with project best practices adapted to objectives, for enhanced value creation

To frame and achieve the desired objectives, you need to know how to combine levers (IS, Digital & Data), to build and maintain, with the optimum balance of pragmatism, realism, simplification, right cost, mobilization, execution and agility.

Vincent Marcadé , Partner


The KEPLER cross-functional value proposition, supporting the business expertise of our various practices


Digitalization of Business Function & Enhancing User Experience

  • Analyze the impacts of major technological trends on your professions and your sector​
  • Audit cross-functional maturity with elements of multi-sector benchmarking​
  • Simplify on-the-ground practices (pain points, “time thieves”): achieve “quick wins”​
  • Identify business processes to digitize, select and experiment with solutions before deploying on a “scale-up” basis​
  • Accelerate and democratize Industry 4.0 digitalization, closely aligned with emerging technologies (AI, low code, IoT, Data)​
  • Optimize employee journeys and third-party (customer/supplier) experiences​
  • Explore new work modes and environments (physical/digital) ​

Maximizing Data Utilization & Strengthening Fundamentals​

  • Identify the required data to support business ambitions and build ad hoc solutions (POC)
  • Audit data maturity and practices (quality, availability, traceability, regulatory compliance, etc.)
  • Bridge the gap between required data and current data maturity, establish necessary governance and roles & responsibilities
  • Conduct practical, sustainable data improvement operations and establish virtuous routines
  • Implement and operate solutions to maximize data usage: management, storage, processing, exploitation (DaaS for SMEs & ETIs)
  • Be supported by a KEPLER team specialized in Advanced Analytics to make your organization’s Data ambitions a tangible reality
“Democratizing data” for efficiency and/or new businesses and uses​

Energizing & Securing Transformation Projects with IT Digital​

  • Deliver a project (from framing to results) or Rescue a troubled project​
  • Assume the role of PMO/TMO, using the appropriate project method (context, company)​
  • Manage project plan steering and proactive project portfolio management (including strategic alignment)​
  • Lead an IS / Digital Master Plan​
  • Architect IS (business/process architecture (business/process architecture; functional & application)

Transformation of the Organization and Collaboration Models between Business Functions & IT/Digital​

  • Define and practice new forms and methods of business collaboration with IT & Digital​
  • Evolve the “organizational model” and skills (CIO, Digital Teams, Data Management, BPO, KU)​
  • Reposition and ensure the proper functioning of Governance (operational and decision-making)​

New Business Creation & Operational Model Implementation:

Supporting, from strategic reflection to concrete operational implementation, by leveraging our full range of expertise :​

  • Innovating and creating new businesses and/or services, leveraging “digital and data” components
  • Defining the strategic plan (business case) and detailing the operational and organizational model, as well as the implementation roadmap (all domains).
  • Leading and/or assisting in operational implementation and the ramp-up of results

Change Management & Adoption of Best Practices:

Acting on key drivers (> 50% of success): change management, adoption, security​

  • Defining the change strategy and associated action plans; implementing support mechanisms (e.g., onboarding programs, ambassadors/influencers, Digital Adoption Platform…)​
  • Promoting digital literacy at all levels and establishing/profitably leveraging digital and data adoption programs​
  • Implementing best practices in operational security (e.g., business continuity or disaster recovery plans) and addressing cybersecurity concerns (user behaviors)​

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