• After the good years of high credit rates, which brought 60 to 70% of the retail banking net receipts, the sector had to reinvent itself to find in the 2010s new sources of growth
  • Therefore, the bank has reinvented its model by integrating insurance and its recurring commissions with a change in historical balances and significant transformations for purely insurance players
  • The digitization of customer relations, the increase in regulations and compliance, the continuous decline in other historical sources of net receipts (loan protection insurance, electronic banking, intervention costs, etc.), competition from online banks, big data, the evolution towards more sustainable consumerism, etc. imply a permanent situation of transformation and change management
  • In search of new sources of growth, the bank sector is developing new activities (particularly around real estate) and is also seeking to take advantage of its positioning as a trusted third party to offer/aggregate new services to customers by bringing together players partners

Sector Challenges

Rethinking the customer relationship

  • Maintaining the physical and digital link with a more demanding, less present, and more volatile customer
  • Defining and manage relational models adapted by customer segments
  • Bringing the right expertise to the right client at the right time
  • Interoperating the right channel according to the urgency and complexity of the client project
  • Developing digital by maximizing the multi-channel approach: increase digital through human & strengthen human through digital

Transforming Business Activities

  • Finding the right mix between generalist and expert advisor
  • Rethinking the managerial model to move on to the “manager coach”
  • Managing expertise and knowledge management
  • Restoring attractiveness to the various business lines of the bank
  • Managing the “back to front” transition to create the distributive company culture
  • Developing the digital culture by supporting/transforming teams in contact with customers

Managing Margin and Coex

  • Working on headquarters (process, transversality, robotization) and network (commercial time) efficiency
  • Reviewing the responsibility and delegation system for a controlled decision closer to the customer
  • Integrating native and tool-driven compliance
  • Rethinking the management and coordination model at all levels of the company

Finding Billing and Growth Drivers

  • Innovating on new growth drivers related to historical activities: real estate, pensions, provident insurance, big data, new billable services, etc.
  • Innovating on equity growth drivers: CSR investments, real estate, directed private equity, etc.

Our Value Proposition

Strategic Project / PMT

  • General Management Council (diagnosis and orientations)
  • Animation of physical and digital collaborative approaches (with consultation tools) to get managers and employees on board
  • Animation of thematic or prospective workshops
  • Animation of workshops on the vision of the bank of the future and the evolution of the business model
  • Structuring of PMT: action plan and prioritization of sites/projects, the trajectory of gains, communication, and taking action

All-Market Multi-Channel Distributive Model

  • Distributive model: intensity of relationship / expertise / professions / portfolios
  • Multi-channel distribution: role and interaction of channels
  • Customer segmentation: flows and stocks, events, adapted (scoring)
  • Mesh
  • Commercial time and management of the activity
  • Operation of the point of sale (customer journey, reception, flow management, work organization, etc.)
  • Management of the point of sale (the Bank Manager and his teams)
  • Network management (from the Sales Director to the end of purchase via the agency group)
  • Diagnosis and acceleration on selected markets, conquest/attrition
  • Customer satisfaction: reachability, requests and complaints, adviser transfer, etc.
  • Other themes: generalist VS expert model, private part of the Pro / Agri / business manager, invoicing, fragile customers, improvement of paths/processes, customer self-care development and channel complementarity, etc.

Operational Excellence

  • Optimization of processes and customer/employee journey
  • Continuous improvement and agility systems
  • Back to middle to front
  • Workspaces and modalities
  • Performance Management
  • Lean Management, Efficiency of structures,
  • Cost control and reduction

Bank / Insurance Transformations

  • Customer relations in video / via social networks
  • Transfer of charge to the agency (to maintain the network)
  • Telework in the network, hybrid management of the DA (Agency Director)
    and the evolution of spaces and modes of work and operation/management
  • Alternative customer management models for the general public
  • The managerial organization of the network (and support for new practices)
  • Digital acculturation of field teams and transformation of practices and customer relations
  • Design and animation of a “training – action” program for teams and intermediate management to make banking transformations a reality

Bank and Insurance Consulting Client References

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KEPLER Bank Expertise Leaders

Bank and Insurance Consulting Services by KEPLER

KEPLER is a consulting firm for the Banking and Insurance sectors focusing on Innovation, Procurement, Supply Chain, and Operations functions.

It works with players in the banking world and insurance professionals to cover the needs of the entire value chain: Back, middle and front office, point of sale management, network management, IS, Digital & Data Management.

KEPLER consulting teams support Insurance and Banking players in the overhaul of their customer relationship, the transformation of businesses, the management of margins and coex, the search for growth drivers, via the management of strategic project / PMT, redesign of the distributive model in a multi-channel logic, support towards operational excellence, or organizational transformation. The KEPLER Banking and Insurance Consulting Firm has four offices established in the United States (USA), Europe (France), China, and India.