Operations actively contribute to the development of the company. To create a competitive and sustainable advantage, operations must be efficient and flexible to meet new market demands.

  • Controlling the Quality, Costs and Deadlines
  • Guaranteeing efficient Industrialization (Time-to-Market)
  • Gaining in anticipation & predictive
  • Achieving agility vis-à-vis market requirements
  • Total Customer Satisfaction QCD Transformation Plan
  • Lean Industrialization
  • Data Management / AI Diagnosis and Deployment
  • Flow, Capacity & Traceability Optimization Plan

Meeting Customers Expectations

  • Adapting your Industrial Footprint
  • Securing New Business Models
  • Carrying out and Succeed in External Acquisitions
  • Securing International Industrial Development
  • Managing Risk
  • Industrial Footprint / Make or Buy / Asset management
  • Flash industrial Diagnosis / Industrial Due Diligence
  • Digital 4.0 Road Map
  • Risk Management Plan

Securing the Business Plan

  • Reducing Operational Costs
  • Optimizing Working Capital & Stocks Needed
  • Managing Industrial Assets and make investments profitable
  • Succeeding in Digital Industrial Transformation and Continuous Improvement Approach
  • Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma & PCS (Performance Control System)
  • PRI and CAPEX Optimization
  • Maintenance Plan (Preventive/Predictive/Curative)
  • Digital 4.0 Road Map and Smart Solutions Deployment

Gaining In Productivity

  • Driving Change with Teams
  • Developing Skills and Industrial Maturity
  • Strengthening Sharing and Cooperation Between Business Lines via Lean Processes
  • Change Management Plan
  • Lean Organization (Local/Global, R&R, Transversality)
  • Skills Development Plan (Seminars, Training, Coaching)

Mobilizing Teams

Consulting Approach

Optimizing operations means working on all the flows (physical, data, people), from raw material to finished product, by putting in place just what is needed in terms of Digital & Data solutions, the right processes and KPIs , continuous improvement tools and a robust Change Management Plan.

  • A pragmatic and flexible approach that adapts to your culture and organization
  • An operational team, drawn from the industry that operates “in the field” and knows how to gain people at all levels’ trust
  • A responsible consulting firm that shares its values with your teams
  • A 10 years+ Operations & Industrial expertise supporting Operational Excellence and Digital Transformation Plans
  • An operational expertise in Purchasing, Supply, Operations and Innovation as a strong asset for effective action on Business Interfaces and building with your teams the best overall value chain for the company
  • Present internationally, our mixed teams can be set up according to your needs with the support of a global experts network
  • Benchmarks carried out with our customers and a technological / sectorial watch allow us to also provide you with the best practices (capitalization) and trends (decryption)
  • Your customers being all specific, we work together with your teams to build solutions based on best practices observed in different sectors, to offer a differentiated Supply-Chain for every customer
  • Our pragmatic “Just in Digitalization ®” Approach allows us to target the appropriate levers to digitize your Supply-Chain with the right amount of investment: “more velocity, more visibility, less variability”

Kepler Operations Consulting Fundamentals

Operations Digitalization

Our pragmatic digital approach allows you to better exploit your data but also to generate additional data on “gray areas” (with IoT sensors) to identify areas of underperformance (quality, traceability, productivity, etc.). Subsequently, thanks to our ecosystem of partners, we set up adapted digital solutions (IA / Machine Learning, predictive maintenance, digital twin, visual digital management, etc.) to allow you to better manage your operations.

Industrial Due Diligence

Acquisitions are one of the classic growth levers. In this context, Kepler Operations Consulting experts intervene in the due diligence phase for investment funds or companies in order to assess the targets – EBITDA, CASH, WCR. The Business Plan is reviewed in the light of avenues for savings and the challenged investment plan. The risk control plan, the operations roadmap, and the synergy plan ensure the perfect assessment and integration of this target.

Lean Transformation

Lean transformation is a corporate project focused on collective problem solving to improve customer service. Kepler Operations Consulting Firm will support you in the implementation of the initial pilot projects (3 to 6 months) and then seek the necessary resources to autonomously deploy technical lean solutions. We also use performance management tools and take fundamental steps towards change management (1 to 3 years).


Maintenance Optimization

Improving maintenance’s performance is crucial when managing industrial equipment. However, it is difficult to manage maintenance costs due to a lack of information as well as key indicators at the operational level. Kepler guides clients to gain efficiency in Prioritization/ Preparation/ Planning, creating a budget – all while becoming more efficient and reducing cost. Implementing change is necessary to gain greater operating predictability and to align production with maintenance.


OPEX/ CAPEX Optimization

Defining the right level of OPEX and CAPEX requires a greater understanding of a company’s success around value and performance. The expertise of Kepler’s Operations consulting firm allows us to intervene in a very pragmatic way in order to measure this data and determine long-term solutions. We work with the field teams in order to drive greater efficiency, whether it’s reorganizing a workstation in order to remove excessive waste / improve ergonomics or reshaping a workshop prior to a new project.


Managing Fully Burdened Unit Costs

Fully burdened unit costs are often miscalculated. Either they do not thoroughly understand the components (differentiated costs per machine, series) or they are too complicated to be reviewed and adapted quickly. By using our own calculation models we work with finance, production control, and operational teams in order to determine the right parameters and precise granularity. We interface this methodology / calculation with the company’s ERP systems.


Cross-Functional Process Redesign

All companies are faced with divisions that work in ‘silos’, often resulting in inefficient cross-functional processes. We use a lean manufacturing technique known as Value Stream Mapping (VSM), which makes it possible for all parties involved in the process to gather towards a common objective: better servicing the customer. Known also under the term “kaizen”, this approach makes it possible to see results quickly – typically within the first week.


In Support of All Our Operations Consulting Approaches

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Kepler is a consulting firm with a focus on Operations and Operational Excellence functions. A benchmark player in the world of Operations, KEPLER supports organizations in the digitization of their operations, industrial due diligence, Lean transformation, maintenance optimization, OPEX / CAPEX optimization, industrial cost management, and the overhaul of multi-business processes.  KEPLER Operations Consulting Firm has its offices in United States(U.S), France, China, and India.