Our client, an automotive supplier, wants to make immediate and significant savings. KEPLER proposes implementing a negotiation program with its suppliers based on cost estimation models supported by AI. 


  • New competitiveness plan to transform the relationship with suppliers and eliminate price inconsistencies as a first pillar 
  • Using easyKost for the past few years by the Should Cost teams in the acquisition and development phase of a new product in 3 categories of the NPI phase 
  • International Procurement teams with varied profiles and levels of commitment 


Category: Deliver Total Performance 

  • Using the easyKost technology as a lever to identify price inconsistencies to get significant procurement savings quickly 

  • Improving buyer maturity on cost control and analysis and implementing a new negotiation and supplier relations strategy

Using the AI on engineering and procurement data allows obtaining new sources of savings in a relatively short period. Beyond savings, this approach facilitates familiarizing procurement teams with AI and intelligent analytics to optimize their procurement strategies.
Pierre Rougier, Associate Director
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