Our client, a manufacturer of heating and air conditioning equipment, wants to boost supplier innovation. KEPLER offers to build a global framework and pilot projects on several selected innovation topics.


  • Global and decentralized industrial company with innovation at the heart of its strategy
  • Innovation is almost entirely driven internally, without harnessing the skills of suppliers: “Not Invented Here” syndrome
  • Internal resistance, mistrust in suppliers and unfortunate experiences in the past all have led to discouragement on both sides, procurement showing little involvement in innovation governance


Category: Cooperate the Company’s Strategy

  • Improve and boost the supplier contribution to the innovation policy of the group in order to create a competitive advantage in the market

Cooperation between KEPLER Innovation and Procurement practices is a key asset in the deployment of supplier innovation programs.
This multi-business approach allows to break down barriers of organizations and the invention of new modes of collaboration with suppliers in order to convert them into strategic assets.
Pierre Rougier, Associate Director
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