Corporate Social Responsibility Report
News Stories, Theme 9 May. 2023

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Since its creation, KEPLER has promoted respect as a core value, rooted in its culture. This value guides our day-to-day behavior, among all our employees, with our customers and suppliers, and in the way we interact with our environment in the broadest sense.

The context of high tension we live in, regarding our resources, climate, and more generally the future of our planet, compels us as a human organization to act voluntarily and ambitiously on environmental, social, and ethical matters.

We must collectively respect what and who surrounds us.

Our consulting activities have the particularity of having a structurally limited direct impact, as we are an intellectual service company that does not produce material goods. On the other hand, our external impact, related to our clients’ activities, is potentially significant as we work with leading companies, most of which are multinationals.
Like every company, we must of course control our internal impacts, with the ambition of involving all our employees in a responsible approach, yet also take a firm position regarding our external impacts.

In our role of advisors to our customers, we support them in their responsible approaches across all our areas of expertise.

For several years, KEPLER has resolutely committed to two strategic axes:

  • Define and deploy our internal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach to cover all environmental, social, and ethical challenges related to our activities and the operation of our company, to reduce our impacts and encourage daily responsible practices. This is KARE program
  • Develop our operational performance offer, emphasizing sustainability challenges to support our clients more effectively on the path to performance, in line with the obligation to control impacts and develop responsible behavior towards all their stakeholders

Within this framework, we sought for concrete expression of our commitment by joining the United Nations Global Compact in 2022, a membership that we renewed in 2023. To guide and boost our actions, we carry out an annual carbon footprint assessment and KEPLER is regularly evaluated by ECOVADIS, enabling us to obtain the EcoVadis Silver Status in 2022.

In line with the need to also consider our external impacts, we aim to soon evaluate the results of our missions on environmental, social, and ethical criteria.

We are pleased and proud to publish our first extra-financial report, the result of collective work by all our employees, led by the KARE team, which details our ambitions, actions, and most importantly, our achievements. It represents a significant step in our progress, with the entire company mobilized, and for which we aim to engage all our stakeholders.

«After obtaining the EcoVadis Bronze status in 2020, KEPLER accelerated the implementation of CSR measures and obtained the EcoVadis Silver Status in 2022 with a score that placed KEPLER in the Top 17% of evaluated companies.»
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