Our client, a world leader in the cosmetics industry, wants to optimize its logistics costs. KEPLER offers to implement a logistics strategy that will reduce its additional costs linked to the saturation of its logistics organization in France. 


  • Two distribution centers (North and South), acting as an interface between factories, subcontractors, and distribution centers 

  • Saturated warehouses, generating additional logistical costs linked to overflow 

  • An expected 10% increase in volumes passing through the platforms 

  • Constraints that are evolving on the market (CO2 emissions, responsiveness, etc.) requiring a review of the rules for flow arbitration 


Category: Optimize Full Costs 

  • Defining and sizing the logistics organization on a 5-10 years span

Using the tools for modeling and visualizing flows allow understanding cross-cutting levers for improvement without being biased by local optimum constraints. Beyond the savings generated, this approach contributes to the decompartmentalization of professions and the objectification of decisionmaking.
Lysiane Bessonnet, Director - Supply Chain Practice Leader
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