Our client, a world leader in the electrical equipment retail industry, wants to enhance its procurement conditions by optimizing its supplies.
KEPLER offers to rollout a methodological approach based on supply practice analysis and the implementation of negotiation strategies.


  • A multi-brand retail network, with more than 500 offices in France, recently reorganized around 6 regional platforms
  • A ramp-up in central procurement, which has overhauled procurement conditions with more than 200 suppliers
  • Supplies associated to each platform with a very regionally rooted legacy, hampering any national synergy
  • A unique inventory management software recently implemented on each platform, practice and maturity remaining relatively heterogeneous across each region


Category: Optimizing Full Costs 

  • Determining the brand’s network design

We provided the teams on each platform with a very operational support which enabled the alignment of central procurement challenges with regional supply practices. The arbitrations carried out daily enabled to generate substantial earnings from the first weeks and to empower each regional team with decision-making tools dedicated to supply offers.
Lysiane Bessonnet, Director, Supply Chain Practice leader

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