Our client, a leading actor in the identity solutions industry, needs to overcome challenge in its planning process to meet a growing demand.
KEPLER offers to determine a methodological approach for the implementation of planning processes and their operating modes.


  • A booming business, with +35% of volumes increase over 3 years and export services development (20% of turnover)
  • A developing organization with the implementation of Business Units Métiers (occupation) and the incorporation of Planning into the Production Department, to tear down the walls between teams
  • An unsatisfactory service rate (80%) and a recurring problem of load / capacity adequacy
  • Sequencing continuously rescheduled and planning managed globally in a “responsive way”


Category: Improving Responsiveness and Securing Availability 

  • Determining the targeted planning processes and coaching the teams

The priority was to review supply management rules adapted to the industrial constraints of our client and to align the supply chain and the production with the strategy. Once this alignment achieved, we thrived to facilitate the daily routines in order to grow the proper reflexes by decompartmentalizing information and enabling a more effective decision making process.
Edouard Alquié, Director, Operations Practice Leader

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