Our client, an automotive equipment manufacturer, wants to optimize its samples management as they saturate its storage areas.
KEPLER offers to implement an approach based on the mapping of existing flows and to determine the target operating modes.


  • Strong business growth on the site: 150 to 1000 employees across the past 10 years (mainly engineers and technicians)
  • Management of a very wide variety of parts and components, mainly stored individually, most of which being «out of gauge» and impossible to store on pallets
  • 6 different storage points identified on site, plus an overflow a few kilometers away to meet the regulatory issues of sample storage over 10 years and more
  • A very embryonic central Supply Chain function and an “on demand” inventory management per each business line (testing, after-sales, etc.)
  • A loss of efficiency of all trades and functions related to the management – and research – of parts in stock


Category: Improving Responsiveness and Securing Availability

  • Reviewing logistic flows intra-site and implementing traceability

The inventory phase carried out on internal logistics customers enabled to highlight hidden costs and quantify the irritants generated by intra-site flows. Thus, we were able to relocate the steering and traceability matter of the parts at a tactical level.
The combined approach around the technical solution and the redetermination of the associated practices has enabled to strengthen the service offer and the value proposition with internal and external customers.
Lysiane Bessonnet, Director, Supply Chain Practice Leader

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