Our client, a world leader in gas-based technologies, wants to define the optimal value chain to secure the development of its new products range at the European level. KEPLER offers Activity-Based Cost Analysis to field audits and define target flows, ultimately optimizing the cost of provision and reducing risk.


  • Product line introduced to the market in 2010 with a centralized Supply Chain organization
  • With 40,000 bottles produced to date, the organization is reaching its saturation point, resulting in a poor service rate for subsidiaries
  • The total full cost of provision hampers the product competitiveness in Northern Europe
  • The current organization cannot meet resellers demand. Assessed potential: 180,000 bottles in 2-year horizon


Category: Optimizing Full Costs 

  • Defining the European Supply Chain target network design

Defining the target value chain has integrated all the Supply Chain stakeholders, from components suppliers to customers by sales area of the subsidiaries. The stakes analysis per area has highlighted the interest of a differentiated flow strategy between make-to-stocks and make-to-order. The PIC / PDP processes have been reviewed accordingly.
Lysiane Bessonnet, Director, Supply Chain Practice Leader

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