Our client, a home equipment retailing brand, wants to improve its quality of service for business clients by optimizing its after-sales service flows. KEPLER offers a diagnosis of its physical and information flows in order to define the target operating modes for the return flow.


  • 3 years old brand retailing 15,000 products to business clients and achieving 45M€ in turnover
  • Complex logistics flows including freight, courier, direct or pick-up point delivery
  • Return flows that are increasingly complex and voluminous to manage, generating significant stock discrepancies (€1.3M discrepancy for N-1)


Category: Optimizing Full Costs

  • Defining the target process and the tools associated with the return flow

The assessment enabled to quickly highlight the multiplicity and diversity of the media used to process return flows. Beyond the waste related to processing and media redundancy, this disorganization did not make it possible to capture and capitalize on quality information, valuable to our client. Once the target processes had been defined, we supported the client in the facilitation and management of its performance.
Lysiane Bessonnet, Director, Supply Chain Practice Leader

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