Our client, a leading tier 1 automotive supplier, aims at rethinking its project team structure for development programs. 

KEPLER automotive consulting team proposes a tailor-made approach to gain in efficiency and be more flexible. 


  1. The Automotive leader wants to review its current unique project team model, implemented for all its development projects 
  2. The management has defined a new ambition covering 3 dimensions:
  • Higher project core team efficiency 
  • Better customer satisfaction 
  • Better project profitability 


Category: Increasing the ROI of R&D 

  • Better meeting the various customers needs 

  • Optimizing interfaces / interactions between all contributors

Our client was coming to the end of its unique model, we managed to co-build a more efficient and more flexible project team structure depending on different projects complexities.
Sebastien Grilli, Partner
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