Our client, a leader in the cosmetics industry, wants to simplify and accelerate its formula development by capitalizing on its formulation standard « modules ».

KEPLER offers the implementation of an approach to structure and digitalize a platform for formula development.


  • Target: Setting up a modular approach for cosmetic product formulation aiming at gaining development efficiency, securing formula portfolio, sharing knowledge within R&D and Operations, and freeing up resources to innovate
  • Complex portfolio of technologies and formulas: a technology is an RM or a set of RMs with physicochemical or biological properties that can drive cosmetic formula performance


Category: Increasing the ROI of R&I

  • Designing and supporting R&D projects to transform existing technologies into formulation “Standards” to address different markets and consumer needs quickly and with minimum costs
The modular approach for product development is well mature in several industries such as Automotive. This is much more challenging to set-up this kind of standard modules when dealing with cosmetics or chemical formulation activities… To find the right granulometry for module definition, related to distinctive features such as performances or properties, we had to gather the right experts accross the whole organization, from Research to Operations and structure a process of workshops to create these modules portfolios per category.
Mathieu Pailler, Director - Innovation Practice Leader
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