Our client, a French company, leader in the agri-food sector, aims to improve its innovation process. 

KEPLER proposes to implement an agile process for breakthrough innovation based on internal analysis and external benchmark.


  • To cope with the competition of major players in the sector, as well as new entrants, very reactive to changes in consumer behavior, a French leader of the agri-food industry must: 

    – Strengthen the agility of its R&D process 

    – Boost its innovation capacity 


Category: Inventing the Business of Tomorrow 

  • Identifying best innovation practices of the agri-food industry and other sectors 

  • Reinforcing the agility of the Research and Development organization to accelerate time-to-market 

  • Implementing an agile approach as a key driver of motivation and enabling an increase in skills and autonomy for all R&D projects stakeholders

In a market where launches are becoming faster, an adapted and relevant innovation process must be set-up to gain agility and decrease TTM.
Mathieu Pailler, Director
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