Our client, a scale-up in the automotive industry, leader in zero emission technologies, wants to robustify the products development from exploration to standardization.​

KEPLER supports this client to structure the approach and to co-design with the teams the most appropriate product development system.


  • A willingness to become one of the Tier 1 technology leader on his market​
  • Current various products in development progressing in the fog with no clear prioritization criteria and no clear expected output from internal customers
  • Heterogenous ways of working within the team and ways of interacting with other key functions​
  • A final delivery focused on the technical performance and not on the customer satisfaction​


Category: Accelerating Time-To-Market

  • Accelerating hydrogen-related innovation / delivering concrete differentiated performance of their products regarding the market expectations
  • Delivering standards (from component to system levels) optimizing applicative programs’ profitability​
  • Prioritizing development according to the company’s strategic ambition while securing the divergence upstream
  • Improving the visibility and the interactions with applicative programs (internal customers)​
The real challenges in this mission were «anticipation» and «balance». Anticipation of the needs in terms of product development system for this scale-up to be ready to penetrate the industrial world of automotive with a highly innovative solution but rightly «balanced» to preserve flexibility and agility of the start-up mode​.
Sebastien Grilli, Partner
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