Our client, a leader in the agrifood sector, would like to accelerate the Time- To-Market of its development projects. 

KEPLER offers the implementation of an agile approach to accelerate the Time-To-Market and improve teams’ serenity through new methodologies. 


  • The agrifood sector remains a dynamic market, with established competitors, but also driven by new segments and new entrants 
  • The rapid gain of market shares by new competitors results from the use of more agile models and leaner processes 
  • The companies must evolve and agilize their development processes in order to adapt to the ongoing changes in the agrifood sector 


Category: Accelerating Time-To-Market 

  • Bringing more agility into a structured development process 
  • Improving the company’s reactivity to launches 
  • Developing a robust and customized approach
With the fast evolution of the agrifood industry, bringing agility into development processes is a must-have for companies to remain competitive
Julien Besse, Partner
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