Our client, a global automotive equipment manufacturer, wants to become one of the Best-In-Class innovation players in the automotive industry. 

KEPLER is supporting his client through benchmark insights, bringing agile methods & tools in the innovation model and through a 360° mind-set change approach. 


  • The customers’ and market’s expectations are evolving, and we must think, design and develop the products differently (reducing lead-time, being more user centric…) 

  • The former innovation process was very structured to bring team at the right maturity level, now the maturity is achieved, and innovation model must allow more flexibility and reinforce each function accountability to face market challenges 


Category: Inventing New Business & Accelerating Time To Market 

  • Maximizing ideation and enhancing creativity while taking into consideration user experience 

  • Allowing more flexibility in the process and autonomy for the teams supported by risk management

One of the key success factor of this project was to change the innovation governance from a “checklist” approach (micro-Management of the tasks) to a “risk management” approach (relying on each one accountability), it has bring the necessary change of mind-set from management to the teams and from the teams to the management.
Audrey Berthomieu, Senior Manager
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