Our client, a leader in the cosmetics industry, seeks to design and implement a new organization to better manage activities related to knowledge of competitive environment.

KEPLER offers an approach consisting in an exhaustive activities mapping followed by several cross functional Organization design workshops.


  • Competitive environment knowledge and documentation activities are becoming more and more strategic to secure patent filing, freedom to operate studies and also in a prospective intent to identify innovation opportunities (blue ocean, weak signals detection,…)
  • Performance of this activity was not satisfying due to quality issues and gaps in terms of organization and processes between entities and geographies
  • Documentation activities appeared to be spread between the various R&D entities and hubs and highly heterogeneous in terms of headcount, practices, skills, and tools
  • Moreover these activities were not valorized within the R&D community leading to unclear profiles and career paths


Category: Engaging R&D Community

  • Design and validation of a new organization for all activities related to competitive environment knowledge
This project was anopportunity for our customer to set-up solid change management basis in the perspective of building a strong “filière” for an undervalued yet key function of its R&I organization.
Yannig Leroux, Director
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