Our client, a French company, leader in the agrifood sector, wants to transform its innovation and product development model by integrating an eco-design approach in R&D ways of working

KEPLER supports this client to define the eco-design ambition, validate an adapted frame (governance, process, tool…), build the implementation roadmap & prioritize activation guidelines.


To cope with new consumers stakes and behavior, a French leader of the agri-food industry must:​

  • Assess & boost the product design to favorize regenerative & sustainable practices​
  • Ensure transparency for consumers and make them able to assess autonomously each product​


Category: Innovating Sustainably

  • Identify best innovation practices on eco-design approach through multiple industries
  • Define strong relative & absolute activation guidelines for an eco-design tool
  • Strengthen eco-design tool activation with relevant KPI & dashboards to assess accurately the Product
  • Development project through sustainable, health & social impact
  • Define a tough methodology & persistent governance to ensure a worldwide roll-out, including local & central steering committees with a WW consistency
Embracing eco-design in the consumer goods industry isn’t just a trend—it’s a moral imperative and a strategic advantage. Our commitment to sustainability isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about shaping a future where innovation and responsibility go hand in hand. By integrating eco-conscious practices into every facet of our operations, we’re not only reducing our environmental footprint but also driving profitability through enhanced brand reputation and consumer loyalty.
Mathieu Pailler, Director - Innovation Practice Leader
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