Our client, world-class packaging manufacturer, wants to improve the performance of one of its production sites’ downstream Supply Chain in order to anticipate significant growth in volume. KEPLER Consumer Goods Consulting Firm offers to overhaul its customer interface and increase capacity, all this combined with a savings plan.


  • Global company comprising more than 50 production sites around the world, with a centralized Supply Chain function
  • A strong growth context for the Slovak factory, organized in «wall-to-wall» with its main client (70% of volumes)
  • Difficulties to follow pace in the production site coupled with added flexibility required by the main
  • A contractual duty with the client (productivity clause) obliging to generate savings within a 3 years span
  • Despite geographical proximity, complicated information flows between the site and its main client


Category: Improve Responsiveness and Secure Availability

  • Define the ramp-up plan for the Slovak factory

The performance of the Supply Chain is closely related to the quality of interfacing between the supplier and its client. It is essential for both parts to speak the same language and share common information.
Lysianne Bessonnet, Director - Supply Chain Practice Leader
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