Our client, a distributor of electrical equipment, wants to take advantage of its new logistics model – multiple national platforms – to generate savings.


Increase and sustain the gains – base and rate – obtained on supplies via the following levers:

  • Daily team leadership, coaching and weekly performance measurement
  • Increased coordination: massification of orders, reduction of order frequencies, grouped orders and timed deliveries
  • Construction of cross-platform national orders with centralized negotiation by purchasing
  • Targeting of key events: pre-season, quarterly and annual closing …

Methodological Approach

First Phase: Flash Diagnostic

  • Analysis of earning maturities on supplies and mapping of earning practices and governance (animation)
  • Mapping of existing contractual logistics conditions and inventory of local conditions, unknown or not shared
  • Construction of monitoring reporting with measurement of gains
    • Measuring progress or delay, overall and by platform.
    • Analysis of historical and existing performance
    • Identification of avenues for improvement, targets and room for maneuver

Second gradual phase: support and management

  • Training of suppliers in identifying opportunities and negotiating
  • Supporting suppliers in preparing for negotiations and monitoring skills development
  • Construction and implementation of coordinated actions at national level on targeted suppliers and under various business conditions and constraints:
    • Purchasing strategies
    • Marketing actions
    • Logistics constraints

Transfer of experience, tools and formalized processes to ensure sustainability


  • 41% increase in performance versus n-1 over the same period
  • 287% of result on project objective
  • Sustainability of gains
  • Reinforced inter-platform relationships
  • Reinforcement of the Purchasing-Procurement hinge


Duration of the assignment: 4 months



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