Our client, a cosmetics subcontractor, wants to accelerate its Response Time for developing new products. KEPLER offers to implement a collaborative approach to identify and implement levers that will accelerate Time To Market for new products. 


  • Two historic industrial sites, one dedicated to formulation (R&D), the other to packaging (around 15 lines) 

  • No synchronization between formulation and packaging schedules 

  • A process for releasing the products that causes a 30% delay and also generates non-quality 

  • Fifty new projects/year and customer deadlines not respected with a two months backlog 


Category: Improving Responsiveness and Securing Availability 

  • Accelerating Time-To-Market for new products (NPI)

The animation and management of digital dashboards facilitated reconciliation between manufacturing and packaging sites, with genuine insight into everyone’s expectations. Beyond profits on new products, this dynamic has allowed the creation of a shared vision of Supply Chain performance, bringing together ADV and Commerce.
Lysiane Bessonnet, Director - Supply Chain Practice Leader
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