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Supply Chain Consulting Services

supply chain consulting
Optimize your working 
capital and service levels
by mastering the
end-to-end Supply-chain
Optimize your BFR and rate of service by mastering the end-to-end Supply Chain

Supply Chain Consulting

Today, Supply Chain is critical in order to face the evolving expectations of customers who want to be served faster and with customized products.A flexible Supply Chain, supported by technology advancements, can help companies deliver products on unpredictable markets with more velocity and less variability.

Kepler's Supply Chain consulting services support companies, creating high performing product flows with optimized cost and lead time.

Growing demands on global supply chain

In today's multifaceted world operating and managing a global supply chain comes with several risks it can be on the supply side or demand side.

Sharing best practices and triggering Supply Chain risk management, Kepler creates the framework to comply with each business challenge, maximizing profit and minimizing waste.

Our solutions

Logistics Master Planning and Optimization

Planning and Scheduling

Dimensioning and Warehouse Management

Inventory Management

Improved Service Rate

End-to-End Supply Chain management

A Customized Approach

Most of the supply chain consulting firms that often stop at recommending supply chain strategies, KEPLER works closely with clients from implementing those strategies and execute them for achieving success in real world.

Raising Awareness and Perfecting Knowledge Transfer

Our teams consistently focus on knowledge transfer. We create and deploy programs for specific training in our various fields of expertise. Our approach to training ensures that the methods installed will align perfectly with the goals of the organization while also achieving value.

Structuring and Engaging

KEPLER consultants specialize in assessing challenges and mobilizing a corporation around a robust, ambitious and operational performance plan. Our diagnostic programs are customized and based on known business and industry benchmarks to ensure success.

Acting and Fixing

We specialize in “tiger team” deployments. These focused sessions are operational and pragmatic, affording us the autonomy to unscramble core business dilemmas. Our priority with these sessions is to delivered a quick yet focused solution offering.

Mobilizing and Initiating Change

In order to structure and implement a proposed plan, we aim to mobilize the entire organization around a specific program with a common vision leading to change. In addition to deploying initiatives, we implement customized management systems to ensure continued success.

Our business cases speak for themselves.

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