Our client, expert holograms manufacturer, wants to implement a quality improvement plan for finished products. KEPLER offers a quality diagnosis on the field and a roadmap to meet the expectations of the customers.


  • Company acquired by a French identity and security group
  • Strong will of the group to improve customer quality
  • Need to improve the customers quality of the company as part of a contract aimed at doubling their turnover
  • Quality teams understaffed for several months
  • Quality incidents encountered with the main client in recent years


Category: Meeting Customers Expectations

  • Implementing a practical quality improvement action plan
  • Restoring an operational clientsupplier relationship beyond the commercial relationship
In an international context, the approach presented by KEPLER and supported by the supplier, has enabled to reconnect the company to its customers. This was possible by aligning with quality criteria and refining the codevelopment plan for new products.
Edouard Alquié, Director, Operations Practice Leader

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