Our client, a security systems installation company, wants to reduce its turnover backlog in a strong growth context. KEPLER offers to apply “Lean Service” tools in order to reduce the lead time between the order and the invoicing of a project.


  • Strong growth in activity which has led to a significant turnover backlog
  • Difficulties between the order and the actual installation of security solutions, leading to a delay in the turnover achieved and a lower EBITDA
  • Silos between Commercial and Technical teams resulting in nonproductivity and partial visibility of the upcoming workload for security installations planning
  • High complexity on the management rules for the records administrative validation
  • “Installation” range times that no longer correspond to the new product mix
  • A load adequacy process with nonstandardized capacity and does not have the appropriate tools


Category: Gaining in sustainable productivity

  • Securing the orders process (production) and therefore reducing the backlog

  • Increasing realized turnover and EBITDA

  • Reducing customer lead time by 50% (operational target), via:

– Optimization of processes for the administrative records validation

– Optimization of site management and planning according to the PIC-PDP logic

– Management of the evolution of customer lead time (Business, Technical Installation, Invoicing)

The application of the Lean “basics” has enabled to obtain very significant results for the company’s finances. Lean is not just reserved for manufacturing, it applies very well to the world of Service.
Nacer MADI, Director

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