Our client, a leading clinic, wants to optimize its patient flow model to improve its level of operating margin. KEPLER offers a diagnosis to build a flow model, enabling to refocus the teams on high added value tasks.


  • A first productivity action plan has been launched in the following sectors: ambulatory, surgery, operating room and sterilization for 2 years
  • Management wants to address the patient flow issue to optimize FTEs and improve turnover
  • The patient flow starts with preadmission and ends with patient discharge and invoicing
  • The processing of the patient flow involves 1100 FTE including 300 for invoicing. The digitization of pre-admission has already been launched


Category: Securing the Business Plan

Defining a target model for the patient flow between pre-admission and discharge enabling to:

  • increase turnover through additional sales by streamlining administrative tasks to improve their efficiency
  • identify key metrics to drive this model and improve productivity
The complexity of such a mission lies in the building of a target organization enabling to manage patients flows that, by nature, cannot be monitored (patients, caretakers, paramedics, etc.). The implementation of field observations, the data structuring for gains extrapolation and the malfunctions validation with the teams were among the key factors leading to success.
Edouard Alquié, Director, Operations Practice Leader

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