Our client, a leading European medical device group, wants to secure a new and mono-source supplier in China who is newly introduced through a M&A action of the group’s competitor: supplier contigency
plan. KEPLER offers a customized approach to facilitate the communication and to build up trust between both parts, in order to conduct a two-ways risk assessment, then to deliver a risk mitigation plan.


  • The group acquired a competitor (hearing aid device) in Europe, who has a mono-source ODM/OEM supplier in China

  • The supplier shows an ambiguous attitude to keep this partnership with our client, besides of an uncertainty of their future leadership, since the CEO (founder) is approaching to retirement

  • During risk identification workshop with the client, 9 aspects have been detected: relationship and interest, business continuity, cost competitiveness, capacity, supply chain & delivery, R&D, tier-N supplier management


Category: Securing the Business Plan 

  • Switching the supplier’s mind-set and working ways according to a more standardized QMS

  • Risk identification and evaluation, gap analysis and mitigation plan definition for both parts

  • Fair-play spirit to gain trust and agreement to mitigate risk from the supplier

This project successfully enhanced the trust and partnership and secured the business plan for the future between our client and its mono-source supplier. We customized our tools: FEMA, Risk mitigation plan, PMO etc, to adapt to this specific business environment which eventually showed a significant impact on reconnecting the partnership between our client and the supplier. Meanwhile, our mix-cultured project team ensured a smooth communication while facing the cultural difference, which was also a key success factor.
Mingmin Zhou, General Manager - KEPLER China

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