Our client, a key player in the glass industry, is seeking to make its production flows more flexible in order to meet marketing and sales teams demands. KEPLER offers a field and participative diagnosis in order to build the layout and target processes.


  • A company taken over by its main competitor on the French market
  • An industrial site far from industrial standards and showing signs of dilapidation
  • A complex layout, reinforced by a lack of standard processes
  • A CAPEX plan to be prioritized over 2 years


Category: Gaining in Sustainable Productivity 

  • Validating and aligning COMEX with commercial ambitions

  • Involving upstream and downstream teams in defining the solution

  • Building an industrial roadmap: productivity, layout, CAPEX prioritization and estimation

The complexity of such a case lies in the building of an industrial target organization responding to very uncertain commercial needs (volumes produced) and far from being stabilized. The key success factor: translating the ROI of industrial CAPEX into a target sales unit to help the business plan its objectives.
Edouard Alquié, Director, Operations Practice Leader

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