Within an R&D center bringing together many different professions, the logistics function, scattered and embryonic, is perceived as disruptive and not facilitating. Based on this observation, KEPLER offers to redesign a logistics function adapted to the needs of the site, to improve the management of stocks, flows and consumables.


  • An automotive supplier with several R&D activities centralized on the same site

  • A multitude of stocks of consumables and project parts without any management nor traceability

  • A high turnover preventing the sustainability of good practices, especially with the absence of standards

  • A globally unsuitable logistics organization lacking in agility


Category: Meeting Customers Expectations

By implementing a logistics function:

  1.  Restoring to logistics its central role of facilitator 
  2. Engaging in a stock and flow optimization process (5S, dairy rounds, etc.)
  3. Setting up a part location tool
  4. Optimizing the management of consumables (supplies, storage, etc.)
  5. Designing standards and a sustainable training course
The objective of this project is not only to support our client to implement this Corporate-level industrial excellence project, but also to share and transfer our know-how to plants’ frontline management, to help them identify the improvement area with proper methodologies & toolkits. This project is also a proven-record to show our capability to mobilize qualified resources & partners in APAC zone, wherever we may not have local footprint, especially under COVID-19 contraints.
Youssef MAMOUNI ALAOUI, Senior Consultant

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