Our client, a worldwide enegry giant, wants to implement a corporate industrial excellence practice, called “6 Golden Rules” among APAC sites. KEPLER offers a strategy: an industrial excellence practice, based on assessing maturity level and deploying this practice in a pilot site.


  • The APAC leadership wants to deploy the industrial excellence practice proactively, by engaging KEPLER to design a maturity assessment tool and deploy the onsite visit to understand the current state of each site; then proceed to the improvement actions as recommended
  • 1 pilot site to deploy improvement actions, monitor the progress and summarize the output


Category: Mobilizing Teams

  • Transferring and adapting corporate practice into a local context

  • Planning an APAC assessment tour under the impact of covid-19

  • Understanding the corporate guidance of the industrial excellence practice & designing an assessment tool by considering local context

  • Soliciting local site leaders‘ participation on maturity assessment and planning the tour under COVID-19

The objective of this project is not only to support our client to implement this Corporate-level industrial excellence project, but also to share and transfer our know-how to plants’ frontline management, to help them identify the improvement area with proper methodologies & toolkits. This project is also a proven-record to show our capability to mobilize qualified resources & partners in APAC zone, wherever we may not have local footprint, especially under COVID-19 contraints.
Mingmin Zhou, General Manager - KEPLER China

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