Our client, a leader in the agrifood industry, wants to find cutting-edge innovation in its basic technologies. KEPLER is supporting its client in the launch of an Open Innovation initiative promoting the generation of ideas and allowing direct research towards promising technologies.


  • A technical market characterized by a critical client base (size and market share) and exceptional regulatory and price constraints
  • Leader in a niche market (with nearly 500 employees worldwide), this supplier wishes to reinvent its core business thanks to one or more breakthrough innovations
  • A focus should be done on three basic technologies with a first axis on improving product properties and a second on understanding the main mechanisms of its production methods


  • Encouraging the generation of new ideas, defining criteria to guide research and identify the most promising technologies
The structured Open Innovation approach has enabled our client to integrate recognized experts into its ecosystem and, thanks to them, identify breakthrough innovation paths that should enable the client to reach a performance milestone.
Pierre Bougeard, Senior Manager
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