Our client, a recognized player in the pet food industry, wants to secure its growth from an operational perspective. KEPLER offers a 360 diagnosis and the creation of a 5-year industrial roadmap including CAPEX.


  • Transfer to an investment fund in 2018
  • Capacity investment plan of €14M over 2017-2020, dedicated mainly to production
  • Growing petfood market (domestic and export)
  • Logistics (95%) and industrial (80%) tools nearly saturated
  • An action plan is needed on the short-term (performance and capacity gains) and on the medium-term (CAPEX sizing, analysis and scenario selection)


Category: Securing the Growth 

  • Building a short, medium, long-term industrial and logistics plan

  • Validating CAPEX and ROI

  • Supporting the client until its presentation to the investment fund

The mission carried out during the confinement, with all the complications entailed, had the main challenge of questioning the CAPEX associated with the proposed strategy. The key success factor was to model the non-performance impacts related to the creation of new commercial references. This allowed the investment fund to consolidate its investment strategy with a roadmap aligned with the general management.
Edouard Alquié, Director, Operations Practice Leader

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