Our client, a major player in the cosmetics industry, wants to optimize the costs of its promotional operations by launching a Supplier Development approach. KEPLER offers to implement a strategy based on Lean actions by optimizing the processes of the customer’s copackers.


  • A manual copacking process for POS shaping and a semi-automated one for sleeves shaping
  • Performance management indicators uncorrelated between the operational teams and the client
  • A workshop and lines organization resulting in many trips without added value
  • A load imbalance between production line workstations and undefined workstation standards
  • A poorly applied planning and scheduling process, resulting in an incorrect calculation of the necessary capacity


Category: Meeting Customers Expectations 

  • Contractualizing the process and the remuneration of earnings

  • Implementing Lean actions to improve the productivity of the copacking process for one of the main copackers

  • Strengthening operational coordination between planning and subcontractors (SQCD)

The challenge of this mission consisted in aligning all the players (customers and subcontractors) on the estimation and distribution of gains. Rebuilding the cost structure through a collaborative approach was key to achieving this goal.
Edouard Alquié, Director, Operations Practice Leader

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