Our client, an  investment fund, positioned as a potential buyer of a pharmaceutical subcontractor. 

KEPLER carries out an industrial and supply chain diagnostics with a teams maturity assessment and a challenge of the considered CAPEX in the context of the Business Plan.


  • A pharmaceutical group wants to carry out a carve-out operation for a CDMO activity (pharmaceutical subcontractor)

  • Several potential buyers among which investment funds 


Category: Securing the Business Plan

Building an industrial and supply chain report allowing:

  • Fund management to validate the industrial maturity of the target company and its development plan
  • Financial advisors to build the business plan & validate the OPEX / CAPEX strategy
  • Different banks to finance the operation

The report should contain:

  • Industrial and supply chain diagnostics
  • Team maturity assessment
  • CAPEX challenge planned in the coming years
  • Improvement areas
  • Assessment of potential gain sources (EBITDA, CASH, CAPEX)
Our role as an operating partner allowed investment funds to secure their acquisition while identifying sources of additional gains.
After that, our support allowed to achieve ambitious objectives.
Lionel Muller, Partner

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