Our client, an outfitted wheelchairs manufacturer, wants to improve its service rate and accelerate its customer lead-time. KEPLER supports its client in analyzing the non-performance causes and implementing a corrective action plan aimed to improve its service rate. 


  • Serving the distribution points in 3 days after the customer order: outfitted chair constitution with more than 60 options 
  • Seven industrial sites around the world and 3 product ranges 
  • 80% of parts procurement carried out through distant sourcing (India) 
  • A big diversity to manage in production with 160 suppliers and 7000 active components 
  • Supply on the forecast with many shortages and overstocks 


Category: Improving Responsiveness and Securing Availability 

  • Securing supply flows and limiting disruptions

The KEPLER intervention was focused onfield support for the organization. The animation work allowed the teams to identify and align with the natural causes of nonperformance and the mobilization of the businesses -procurement, supply, trade, logistics- on dedicated action plans.
Lysiane Bessonnet, Director - Supply Chain Practice Leader
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